N-ice model 1200

  • Ice resurfacer, n-ICE allows perfect “smoothness” to be maintained across the rink, which helps reduce otherwise high electricity consumption. The Ice resurfacer collects all snow created during skating, any debris, levels the surface using a sharp blade and precisely applies water, which rapidly freezes and leaves a perfectly smooth surface.
  • Dedicated to small and medium size ice rinks with surface up to 1200m²
  • Snow tank capacity 2m³
  • Water tank capacity 510 l
  • Cutting width 1765 mm


  • Foot pedals change the direction of travel (forward / reverse)
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • All steel parts are powder coated and plastic parts are covered with automotive grade coatings.
  • Two hydraulic pumps with constant flow, are responsible for driving the working units and side brush
  • A relatively small but extremely powerful Japanese Kubota engine is characterised by negligible emissions, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs
  • The applied technology and quality of materials used ensure the maintenance of a perfectly smooth ice surface
  • Height of the ice resurfacer n-ICE with a cabin is about 2,60 m.

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